DuckDuckGo search engine hits 30 million daily searches; a year-on-year 50 % increase in one year

Duck Duck Go search engine hits 30 million daily searches a year-on-year 50 % increase in one year

Pro Privacy search engine DuckDuckGo announced that it has hit 30 Million daily searches. It is rather a tremendous improvement from last year wherein the daily searches hit 20 million. It accounts for a whopping 50% year-on-year increase in daily searches in less than a year. The news was shared by Duck Duck Go on its official Twitter handle @duckduckgo. Google has been a sole market leader in the search engine space for quite some time now. Although the numbers of DuckDuckGo appear miniscule when compared to Google (more than 3 billion daily searches), nevertheless it is quite impressive.

The growth curve of DuckDuckGo (DDG) has steadily picked up space in the past few years. Initially, the search engine took seven years from its inception to reach 10 million daily searches. Then it took another two years to touch 20 million daily searches. Unlike Google, DDG offers the pro-privacy search engine and does not track and profile users. Instead, the search engine displays ads based on the user’s search keywords. It is in contrast to Google wherein it collects user information and displays relevant ads via its ad tech platform.

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According to DDG, it has been raking impressive figures from the affiliate revenue since 2014. Also, the company has launched a tracker blocker this year to address wider privacy concerns to prevent companies from spying the online user activity. Earlier, DuckDuckGo received $3 million in 2011. Recently in the second round of funding, DDG has secured $10M in funding from Canadian pension fund Omer’s venture capital (VC) arm.

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