Google Maps adds “commute tab” to simplify daily commute and “music controls” to control tunes within the app

Google Maps adds "commute tab" to simplify daily commute and "music controls" to control tunes within the app
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Google is rolling out two new features to the Google Maps through the updates this week for both Android and iOS users. The first feature includes a commuter focussed update that provides additional information such as the congestion or disruption of the route before you leave. In case of any delay, the new feature also offers alternate traffic routes so that you can reach your destination faster. The new update allows one-tap access for all the live traffic and transit information, and if you happen to be an android user, you would be able to receive notifications about delays and disruptions.

For those depending on the public transport will now able to view more information in each leg of the journey. So, if you are planning to arrive at the bus stop seconds before the bus, then the new feature comes in handy. You would now be able to view your train or bus in real time and thus helps you plan your travel accordingly. The new update would now be available in 80 countries worldwide. Further, if you happen to be living in Sydney, the Google maps further shows the passenger capacity of bus or train. It is now expected to roll out the feature in other cities soon. Google has partnered with Transport New Southwales to facilitate this feature.

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Another interesting feature included in the update is the ability to control the music right within the navigation app. If you are using Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play music, you would be able to control the music and podcasts within the app rather than shuffling between the apps. The new features would be rolled out globally through the Google Play Store or the iOS starting this week.


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